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Friday, April 10, 2015


Silhouette postcards seem undervalued by U.S. collectors.  Although they are readily available from European sellers, American sellers have less of a selection available, so finding them may be a bit of a challenge. 

Silhouettes can provide dramatic images, especially when combined with colorful highlights. Here is a representative sample of color-added silhouettes with children.  All the postcards in this post have divided-backs.  

We begin with three flat postcards of little children in playful designs, all signed with the initials FB at lower right.  The backs only give us a Series number 511.  My Artist-Signed Postcard guide notes FB (not Baumgarten or Brundage) Children.  It does not tell us if the artist designed silhouettes.   

Without printed greetings, these would be wonderful framed for a child's room - we offer black mats in our eBay store, custom cut to the measurements of vintage and antique postcards, that would set off these designs beautifully.  Once the mat is added, the postcard fits perfectly into any 5X7 inch frame. 

Above is an embossed silhouette with art deco styling.  The colors and patterns added make this postcard especially bright.  Printed on the back is POST CARD with no design elements or logo.  

The two vivid Easter silhouettes above have brilliant colors added and art deco designs with shining gold details.  The designs are charming with a little boy and a rabbit celebrating Easter.  I particularly like the top image where little rabbits wearing red bows watch the boy dye eggs.  

They are flat postcards with plain borders, published by The Fairman Co. of New York, The Pink of Perfection. The publisher's logo is shown below.

There are different types of silhouettes that may interest you - some all-black ones have intricate designs of Angels or Fairies, others offer historical, seasonal or risque designs.  A collecting area worth exploring! 

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