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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

THEME Collecting: Red EASTER Postcards

There are many themes that collectors prize when it comes to antique postcards.  I have an album of just art deco designs, lots of California postcards and another album of just Real Photo Postcards.  For many years, I have collected Samuel Schmucker artwork postcards and New Year postcards with the year date included in the design.  From other collectors, I have heard that they favor artist Ellen Clapsaddle, umbrellas in the image, or even "X marks the spot" where the sender has marked their location (or hotel room) on the face of the postcard with an X.  Of course, many folks enjoy seeking out postcards that show views of their favorite town, occupation or vacation spots.

In this post, I offer another sort of theme, this one based on color.  All of the postcards shown here are Easter holiday images, all with the color red featured.

There isn't too much to say about these cards other than what you can readily see - some are embossed, some are flat.   They all have an element of fantasy (another great collecting theme) in the design.  I first purchased the marching rabbits carrying carrots, and was so happy with the dramatic red background that I just went on collecting Easter postcards with a big dollop of red in the image.

This is a French postcard with girls and lambs inside a giant egg.  Once you have selected a theme based on color or image, you can find entries from all over the world.

This lop-eared rabbit is breaking out of a big red egg with a gold banner in the background. There are other great red egg postcards for Easter, too.

One advantage of theme collecting is that display is enhanced - if you belong to a Postcard Club that hosts Display Board competitions, your theme is a great starting place for creating a winning Board! 

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