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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Samuel Schmucker died young and left behind an impressive body of artwork.  This post focuses on his Christmas and New Year 'winter' women on embossed John Winsch postcards.  We open with a lovely lady wrapped up against the cold, skaters on a frozen pond in the background.  This postcard features the circle feature found on many Schmucker designs, this time defined by mistletoe.  The background is a pebbly gold and the fancy lettering is a characteristic of John Winsch postcards.

This beautiful blonde is also 'framed' by a circle, this time of holly.  Her arms are full of snowballs and there is a snowy hillside behind her.  Again, the pebbly gold surrounding the holly and the fancy Winsch lettering add interest.  Note the distinct expression on this beauty's face - Schmucker women aren't shy retiring types.

This not-shy gal gives a snowman a hug - he seems a bit surprised.

Our fourth entry has sledders on the hillside in the background and features a lovely woman in a striped hat and a bright red scarf.  She has a slight smile that lets us know she has plenty of self-confidence, thank you...

From a different series, this elegant woman is wrapped in furs and wears a stunning ermine-and-holly hat.  The background has a brushstroke style.  

In this design, a lovely lady holds a bizarre Santa Claus mask, adding a slightly sinister air to the image.  She doesn't seem intimidated, however. Wearing a subtle smile, she appears quite up to a Christmas masquerade.

When I began collecting postcards in the 1970s, my first album purchase included a Schmucker Winsch Valentine and I've been a fan ever since. I'll share that postcard in a Valentine post.  

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