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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Samuel SCHMUCKER Winsch VALENTINE Postcards

As mentioned earlier, my first truly exciting find when I began postcard collecting in the 1970s was a Valentine with artwork by Samuel Schmucker, published by John Winsch.  It is the dark-haired beauty using tweezers to take heart-shaped candies out of a candy box.  You can see her on the March 20th, 2011 post.  In this post, I'll add some more fine Schmucker designs published by John Winsch for Valentine's Day.  

All the Valentine postcards shown in this post are embossed with the fancy lettering John Winsch used and gold accents throughout the designs.  Above are two postcards using the same artwork but in different designs.  This lovely blond woman is flanked by red fantasy hearts...in this image we see some of Schmucker's unusual dark hints...are these hearts smiling or smirking? 

All sweetness and light here on two beautiful images - the traditional Schmucker 'halo' background has been rendered above with a heart and pink roses.  Below, the 'halo' is a green heart with a delicate floral garland around the edge.

Below, a beautiful woman floats serenely in a swirl of hearts and a water lily, pre-Raphaelite style.   

The pretty woman below has a spider-web background (like my favorite with the candy box) that hints again at the darker side of love.She holds a winged heart, perhaps a symbol of romance's fleeting quality.

A beautiful nurse bandages a wounded heart, a classic Valentine image with Schmucker elegance added.

This sleeping beauty is of particular interest because she also appears on a vivid Schmucker/Winsch Christmas postcard with Santa's face in the spot now filled with lilac-colored blossoms.  

Schmucker could draw lovely ladies from any angle - here is a profile of a lovely brunette with gold highlights in her hair.

We close with another multi-use design.  This gorgeous blond with an enigmatic look also graces a Christmas postcard with holly on her hat and in place of the red carnations here. For her Valentine appearance, gold hearts have been added to her fur collar and red hearts have been added to the background.  You can see the Christmas version in the February 3, 2015 post.

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