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Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here are more lovely Samuel Schmucker Valentine designs published by John Winsch.  All these postcards are embossed with the fancy lettering Winsch publishers used.   We open with a  lovely lady in a rain of hearts against a golden background, followed by two Valentine postcards with an international theme - Cupid visiting pretty ladies from foreign lands.

In the above postcard, even Cupid has dressed up in native style - very colorful!

The lady in green with a fabulous feathered hat plays a heart-shaped instrument surrounded by flying love letters, reminiscent of the flying heart being held by the beautiful woman in the last post.

A mailbox serves as a perch for Cupid in only a top hat and tuxedo jacket.  He holds a pretty bare babe wearing only a hat.  They are on the Valentine's Letter Box with a garland of roses, the symbol of the flying heart appearing once again.  This is one of a series of mail-theme Valentine postcards Schmucher designed with more below.  Witty and charming and just a bit risque, these all have wonderful detail and big gold hearts that serve as a perfect Valentine backdrop.

I hope you enjoyed these Schmucker/Winsch Valentine postcards, and that you have had a fine Valentine's Day!  Warm wishes from Toni in Florida

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