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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Antique & Vintage SNOWMAN Postcards

So much of the country is still under snow that it seems appropriate to post a selection of snowman postcards.  We begin with a young Pierrot clown trying to make friends with a big snowman with coal-lump features, wearing a classic tophat and smoking a pipe.  It doesn't go completely smoothly, as the second image from this series shows.

Although that snowman is unfriendly, most snowmen (snowpeople) on antique postcards are sweeter, more innocent characters.  Below is one of my favorite examples, with a tiny bear watching a snowcouple embrace.  They have traditional carrot noses and an umbrella leans against the snow-covered fence.

Some postcard snowmen are at the mercy of rascally children.  This vivid New Year date postcard includes a wary snowman under fire with the children all armed with snowballs. Don't miss his saucepan hat!

The snowman on the postcard below is under attack, too.  

Here's a gentler interaction between a courtly snowman and a little girl.  They're both smiling on this German New Year postcard.

Some snowmen have human talents and abilities.  This cheery fellow with a very human face plays music for a bird perched on a branch in the snowy forest.  A crescent moon lights the nighttime scene.  Red mushrooms and a horseshoe add traditional good luck symbols to a French New Year design.

This unusual snowman also has a human-like face with ears and a formidable nose.  He wears a funnel hat and pops open a New Year bottle of champagne amid golden stars and snowflakes.  Apparently, this isn't his first bottle.  A witty and dramatic image from Germany.  

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