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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Champagne Toast on NEW YEAR Postcards

Happy New Year!  
This post shows celebrations with champagne on postcards from 1899 to 1921 with a variety of images featuring bubbly...we open with little clowns and their dog flying into the New Year on a bottle of champagne powered by bubbles under pressure.  This is a divided back flat postcard with quality artwork and vivid colors published by Meissner & Buch.

Here is a pretty lady changing the calendar from December to January, a glass of champagne in her hand.  She wears a bright smile and a fetching low-cut gown.  A divided back flat postcard, this is postmarked 1921.

Another cheery lady celebrates with three realistically inelegant pigs, symbols of prosperity.  She wears a bright dress, black tights on her exposed legs.  A German caption at the bottom of a divided back flat postcard.  The pigs look a bit tipsy.

This French-captioned New Year postcard combines a big champagne bottle and a risque fantasy of men in red tuxedos pursuing a sexy woman in a frothy outfit.  She appears to have popped out of the bottle.  Great artwork on a divided back flat postcard, published by M.M. Vienne.  

The oldest postcard in this post is artist-signed at the bottom right, with a winged midnight clock at the top - how time flies!  An early undivided back flat postcard, it was postmarked 1898.

These charming little clowns are on a B.W. - published divided back postcard with nice embossing.  Beneath a huge shamrock, a symbol of Good Luck, they share a toast to the New Year.  They look a bit tipsy, too.

This delightful New Year fantasy of little Angels carrying a champagne bottle to the moon was published by the Illustrated Post Card Co. of New York.  Nice embossing, great artwork and strong colors on a divided back postcard.  I especially like the way the man in the moon's body is faintly sketched in a misty cloud-like form...this is a great series to collect, filled with wonderful fantasy images.  

We close with energetic clowns suspending a big champagne bottle from a hot air balloon on a surrealistic New Year postcard with light embossing.  A divided back design, the artwork on this postcard is sophisticated and unusual.

I'd like to recommend Walter E. Corson's paperback reference work:  Publishers' Trademarks Identified.  A useful guide for the collector!  

Warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2015 from Toni in Florida.

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