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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tuck CHRISTMAS Postcard Series #512

This post introduces one of the most beautiful Christmas series from the early 1900s published by Tuck. Officially, it's called Series 512.  I  think of it as the "stained glass" series because of the colorful borders.  All the postcards in this group have rich embossing and brilliant colors.

Some of the images are by Bowley, some by Brundage.  There may be other artists whose work I don't recognize.  None of these postcards include artists' signatures.

While Santa Claus appears in several of the illustrations, he's not in all of them.   

Some of the images show pretty children alone.

Some of the illustrations in this Series were also published by Tuck with no border.  The image of party-going children below is one of these.  

This holiday season, I want to share some of the best Christmas postcards for the collector from top publishers.  The following post shows a representative sampling of Christmas postcards from PFB (Paul Finkenrath Berlin) publishers.   

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