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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some Paul Finkenrath Berlin (PFB) CHRISTMAS Postcards

Early in my collecting years, I was attracted to postcards from the publisher PFB.  We open with an exquisite Angel for Christmas. The attention to detail and the overall superior quality of the artwork makes these postcards stand-outs in any holiday collection.   Rich embossing adds to the beauty of all the postcards in this post.

This impressive PFB Angel wears a long dark green gown which is clearly made of velvet. I'm reminded that portrait artists spent years studying how to paint different fabrics, and here on a postcard we find a masterful display of velvet with fur trim.

This Christmas image of children sharing greetings by telephone illustrates another quality of PFB artistry - the naturalistic action of figures on postcards.  These children, and the girl giving her doll a ride on the sled below, form lively holiday images.

Although we may recognize the artwork of different PFB artists, the postcard images are not signed.  The Santa Claus below is one of a fine Christmas series with soft colors and delicately drawn faces.

A variety of PFB Santa Claus postcards are available.  This post introduces just two.  My goal for this post is that it tempts your curiosity to explore further the holiday designs from PFB.

We'll close with one of the most popular PFB Christmas series - this one is Angels on clouds in a gold-starred sky...there is also a popular series of girls (without wings) looking out at the viewer in a similar design...lovely!

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