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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Clara Miller Burd (C.M. Burd) was born in 1873 in New York City.  She studied art in New York and then in Paris and also studied stained glass design later at the Tiffany studios in New York.  Her career included work as a stained glass artist, a magazine cover illustrator, a portrait painter and, most significantly, as a popular book illustrator.  Many of her beautiful book illustrations can be found on the internet. Burd was famous for her images of children, and some can be found on postcards.  We open with one of her Sunday School designs that has her signature at lower right.  Another Sunday School postcard can be seen below.  

The Rally Day illustration above is especially fine, with wonderful detail and bright colors.  Published by Westminster Press in Philadelphia, the Copyright 1911 by C.M. Burd notation can be seen on the lower left border on this postcard as on the two above it.

Above is an example of her Cradle Roll Birthday greetings, published by Eaton and Mains New York and Jennings and Graham Cincinnati.  Again, a Copyright 1911 by C.M. Burd notation is seen at the bottom left.

The following Easter postcards are published by Tuck, from the Buds and Blossoms series  #1030.   The children are lovely and we can see Clara's logo at the bottom right.  I have  included close-up details so you can see her artwork more clearly.

All of the postcards in this post are flat divided-back designs.  The Tuck postcards have delicate artwork and subtle colors.  Burd postcards can be challenging to find.  It helps to be able to recognize her artist's logo, since sellers frequently do not identify her as the artist.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Clara M. Burd's religious designs are less expensive than holiday postcards.  The postcards here cost about $4. - $16.   These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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