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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

RPPC Bathing Beauty Real Photo Postcards

As Labor Day approaches, the end of summer arrives for many...the children are back at school and adults start planning for next year's vacation.  Here in Florida, the love-of-beach continues all year. This post is the last 2014 celebration from Postcardiva of Bathing Beauties, this time on real photo postcards.  We open with my personal favorite, a French postcard with vivid and precise hand-colored details and a truly stunning beauty.  Imaginative photographers created a wealth of studio backdrop settings for bathing beauty postcards. The image above shows striped cabanas and frothy little waves in the background, especially nice.  The publisher mark at lower left is P-C Paris.

Below is a lovely bathing beauty in a beach chair on a black-and-white photo. Like the woman above, she looks into the camera with a flirtatious smile.  This postcard is also from France. The publisher's name at bottom right is SUPER.  

Below is another image with colorful tinting applied with precision.  Note the narrow pink straps on her beach shoes.  The quality of the color application reflects the quality of the postcard. Because these images show a fancy wrap with a complicated design, they are a good demonstration of the colorist's artistry.  This postcard is from the same publisher, P-C Paris, who created the opening image above. 

Below is a real photo postcard with more beautiful coloring.  There is no country of origin printed on the back, but  LUCIA is printed at the lower right corner.  Again, the precision of the color application is impressive.   

This slender lady in a pastel beach scene is on a British postcard from Rotary Photo.  She's quite demure - more sweet than sexy - and looks away from us in a complex oceanside scene. On the back is printed This is a Real Photograph on Rajar Bromide Card.  

This cheerful beauty poses in a more classic studio scene, although the photographer deserves admiration for the trick of making her appear as if she is standing in water.  A French postcard, it was posted from and to Belgium.  The postmark is unclear - the postcard has a divided back. This woman wears the most unusual bathing suit of any woman here, with a high degree of coverage.  The rope represents a common safety measure to help swimmers stand up to the waves.  The publisher name at bottom right is TRISA.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Real photo bathing beauty postcards range in price from about $8 to over $25 depending on the complexity of the color tinting and the quality of the photograph. Women with parasols are at the high end of the range and the physical charms of the bathing beauty contribute to a higher price, too.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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