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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Artist Signed BARRIBAL Postcards ca. WWI

William Henry Barribal (1874-1952) was a popular postcard artist with an easily recognizable signature.  An accomplished designer and painter, he created a series of images that were used on WWI recruitment posters in the UK.  He was also a master at creating designs of beautiful women and children, and it is this talent we will explore in this post.  Above, KITTY, with an impressionistic flair, is from The Barribal Series published by James Henderson of London.  It is a flat divided back postcard. 

This sweet little girl with a big red hair bow is from the UK Florence House Artistique series.  It is also a divided back flat image.  

My British grandfather was wounded fighting for the Allies in WWI.  While deployed, he sent three beautiful Barribal postcards to my grandmother as shown below.  

These are elegant women on divided back flat images from the Artistique series published by the Florence House in the UK.  Some have English and French captions.  I inherited these three postcards and then sought out the two below from the same series.

PRICE ESTIMATES: Signed Barribal postcards cost from $10 - $25 depending on rarity of design and condition.  This estimate is for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and it is only an estimate.

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