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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Florida CITRUS Sweeties & PARROT JUNGLE Pin-ups

This post looks at two special categories of Florida linen postcards:  Citrus-themes with beautiful women and Parrot Jungle pin-ups from the popular Miami attraction.  

We open with a citrus design graced by two lovely ladies in ruffled dresses, by Eastern Photo Litho.  These citrus-theme linen postcards share an over-the-top charm.  Below is a Curt Teich published postcard of bathing beauties around a citrus center, forming a "Florida Sunburst Blossom".

A Hartman Litho linen is captioned "A Florida Blossom Among Grapefruit and Oranges".  The woman at center also wears a long ruffled gown and the pairing of the yellow and orange fruits with her turquoise dress is especially vivid. 

This Curt Teich postcard, "Orange Picking Time in Florida" shows a sunny scene in the orange grove, where a young woman has cheeks nearly as bright as the fruit.  

Below are three leggy beauties with the colorful birds of Miami's Parrot Jungle attraction.  Two have the following advertisement & map on the back: 

This third postcard of a blonde beauty is published by Tichnor and has a regular postcard back: 

PRICE ESTIMATES: Excellent condition Florida linen postcards are plentiful and inexpensive.  They can be found for a few dollars each and make a vivid display when framed together.  

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