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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Signed KATHRYN ELLIOTT Postcard Artist

Kathryn Elliott is a popular collectible postcard artist whose designs date from around the World War I era.  Gartner and Bender published many of her designs on flat, matte-finish postcards with watercolor-style images.   Pretty ladies in several different styles were Elliott's specialty and here we see three examples of her sweetest ladies.  We begin with Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday, then view two colorful images of ladies in old-fashioned long dresses and bonnets with poetic friendship messages.

Here is a different Kathryn Elliott style with an art deco flavor.  A little girl in a stylized outfit is delivering holiday gifts as she stands on tiptoe to knock on the door.  This Christmas postcard has a much more vivid design, also a flat matte-finish postcard.

Kathryn Elliott could also give her ladies a sexy flirtatious look.  Here is a glamorous woman with ermine trim on her jacket and ivy tucked in her bonnet ribbons receiving a kiss from Baby New Year.  Some of Elliott's designs can be found in both this sepia-tone and colored versions.

Another instance of an elegant woman cuddling with Baby New Year.  The woman in this image wears a stylish cloche hat from the flapper era.

Kathryn Elliott's signature is clearly added to her designs, easy to locate and read.   

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Kathryn Elliott signed postcards are still reasonably-priced.  You can build a nice collection by spending about $8 - $15 each.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.


  1. Oh, I love her children, with their lovely pochoir-style clothes. I have a small collection of just those, including that little girl at the door. Thanks for posting.

  2. I agree - beautiful! Thanks for your comment, Toni