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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Odd COURTSHIP Easter Fantasy Postcards

The heart wants what the heart wants, and fans of Animal Planet are familiar with unusual animal friendships.  In these colorful antique Easter postcards, we see the development of an inter-species romance, from the first days of courtship when Rabbit meets Chick at a dance. 

Rabbit and Chick are having a lovely time at the dance, as we can see in this image.  All the postcards have fine embossing and wonderful colors.  Apparently this is their second dance date, since Rabbit is wearing a different jacket from our first postcard.

Chick has invited Rabbit over for a meal, and he has brought his gun and hat, perhaps having been out hunting.   A rabbit who is a hunter is a nice idea - a switch on the usual situation. 

The family grows with the addition of bunnies and little chicks, and Papa Rabbit welcomes    each baby with enthusiasm.  Here he is in a fashionable lounging outfit complete with hat.   

A participatory father, here are two delightful designs of Rabbit with the children.  He's giving twin chicks a bottle and balancing a young bunny on his foot. Note his pipe leaning against the green bench. 

In our last postcard, we see the whole family at the table with a meal of eggs on lettuce.  Papa Rabbit is spoon-feeding a little bunny, and one of the chicks is perched in a blue chair.  These images are beautifully detailed - note the heart curtains that hang in the doorway of the bedroom - and designed to bring a smile...a super series to collect!   

Printed in Germany is the only notation to help us identify the origin of these postcards - here is an image of the back.  One of our cards is postmarked 1910, and one 1912.  However, we do not know the publisher.  If you know the name of the publisher, we hope you'll share that information!

PRICE ESTIMATES:  These Easter fantasy postcards can be found priced between about $8.00 and $15.00.  There are other similar Easter fantasy series including some unsigned Clapsaddle designs published by International Art, which may go higher.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition and they are only estimates.

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