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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whitney FAIRY Postcards

Whitney postcards practically define "cute" with images of sweet little children, humorous designs and often tongue-in-cheek captions.  One series of especially cute postcards from Whitney publishers features bare fairies with delicate wings in a variety of situations.  This post shows a selection of these charming little rascals on lightly embossed divided back postcards.  We open with a greeting with no specific holiday mentioned, although the fairies are accompanying a couple out for a drive.

The Valentine greeting with a fairy perched on a flowering tree branch, taking a photograph of baby birds in their nest, is a crossover collectible postcard for fairy fans and camera collectors.   Note that this fairy has red hair and no antennae.

Here's the same Valentine series with the checkerboard border and the antenna-free fairy hugging the baby birds. 

The Valentine above shows fairies taking the role of the fickle Cupid breaking and then mending a heart... with bow and arrow and bandages and pouring medicine for a jilted little fellow.

A little girl holds a chick and the upset hen wants her baby returned on this Easter greeting.  The fairies seem to be interceding in the disagreement on this postcard with a floral decoration around the edge.  

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The Whitney fairy postcards vary in price from about $5 to over $15 depending on the scarcity of the image.  You may be able to find them for less with careful searching.  This estimate is for postcards in EXCELLENT condition.  

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