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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Playing cards appear on antique postcards in several styles...sometimes, there are simply displays of cards, or hands of cards, with the playing card(s) being the entire illustration.  In this post, we focus on images where playing cards are part of the image or the inspiration for the design.  To open, an invitation to attend a Card Party with bright colors on a flat divided back postcard.  Unused, so it would be possible to have this card copied for current use.  

Good Luck is the greeting on this vivid embossed postcard with an unusual assortment of symbols - an ivy horseshoe, playing cards and running dogs.  Printed in Germany, a divided back postcard, also unused.  

Below, a series of Valentine postcards with Cupid offering predictions to interested youngsters, using playing cards to tell their fortunes.  Divided backs, nice embossing.  Postmarked 1910.

The design of playing cards with the suite symbol turns these early undivided postcards of pretty ladies into Playing Card postcards.  Flat cards, one a black/white design, one with coloring.

More lovely ladies appear as if characters on playing cards in these tinted real photo images of popular performers - 

This copyright 1909 postcard with divided back, flat image and vivid colors shows a newly married couple and has a caption about fortune-telling:  The 4 of Hearts in Gypsy lore brings tell-tale rice and shoes galore.   

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Playing Card postcards offer a wide assortment of designs to the collector, in a wide variety of prices.  The cards in this post range in price from about $7 to about $25, with the earliest ones being the hardest to find and the more expensive.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 

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