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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy to Have a BABY Postcards

We were exceptionally happy to add a baby to our family this year, and I want to end the year by expressing that wonderful feeling with some favorite baby postcard images.  

Above a bevy of babies enjoys the view from clouds in a star-studded sky under the benign watch of the man in the moon.  I have four cards from this series and they are magical.  Published by B.K.W.I. in black and white, they are all early undivided back postcards with flat images.

Here's an entry in the babies-under-the-stars category, but with a real photo image enriched by color tinting.  What a sweet bewildered little sitter for the photographer, with her shoes and socks beside her!  This is a French divided back RPPC.

Below are four tiny charmers on a T.S.N. postcard, a colorful flat image on a divided back postcard, postmarked in 1911.  The greeting is in German, and there's no artist's signature, even though the artwork is noteworthy.

Below is a little baby in an old-fashioned highchair, amused by tiny yellow chicks on the floor.  That sweet toothless smile is one of the enchanting attractions babies offer us.  A fine embossed postcard published by PFB with beautiful artwork by Marie Flatscher.

Below our baby in a highchair is another Flatscher design for PFB that asks, "Who would not be a father?"    Flatscher illustrated a whole series of happy childhood images for PFB, all embossed and with rich colors - many with bright red details! The series was published with sentiments printed in German and in English.

In closing, thank you for tuning in and Best Wishes for joyous holidays & health and happiness throughout 2014... 
...Toni in Florida


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