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Friday, September 20, 2013

ART DECO 1920s - 1930s Holiday Postcards

This post focuses on art deco holiday postcards from the 1920s and 1930s.  All the postcards shown in this post are divided back designs.  Since all types of art deco postcards are increasing in value, now is a great time to seek out these bright designs if you wish to add them to your collection.  Above is an especially vivid image on a flat Valentine Message, with fantastic art deco styling, gold ink added, a romantic pierrot singing to a lovely lady and a touch of decorative glitter.

This lively Christmas scene with a stagecoach in the snow is a Volland-published design.  Volland produced many attractive flat art deco holiday postcards, with the images ranging in size from small motifs to full-postcard designs.  Below is another colorful Volland art deco postcard featuring a girl in a kimono carrying a candle, her shadow behind her adding to the visual impact.

Whitney publishers also produced some fine art deco designs.  Several follow, all with vibrant colors and charming images.  The children are sweet, as usual on Whitney postcards.  The lady is unusually elegant.  All three Whitney postcards have nice embossing.

Another flat postcard with brilliant colors and gold added to the design.  Don't miss the heart-shaped flowers, a wonderful art deco element in this classy Valentine.  This is a USA-made postcard, no publisher name or logo. 

We close with a very fine white rabbit leaping over colorful art deco flowers.  On the back is advertising from the Asheville Post Card Co. in North Carolina for these Easter Penny Post Cards, at just 55 cents per hundred.   

PRICE ESTIMATES:  These postcards cost us about $3 - $10 but some were purchased over a year ago.  The prices on art deco holiday postcards is rising slowly but steadily.   Bargains are still to be had with careful searching.  As always, condition is important.  Seek out top quality postcards for investment success.

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