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Sunday, August 25, 2013

More V for VICTORY WWII Linen Postcards

This post is our second collection of  WWII era linen postcards, all with the "V for Victory" theme.  Above, a colorful combination of wartime scenes surrounds the statue of liberty inside a red, white and blue V.  This is a Kropp postcard.

On this Tichnor linen postcard, the airplanes of the U.S. Navy "take the Air for Victory" creating a flying V formation. 

This postcard is from the Curt Teich publishers "Action Series" and each has a V in the design.  These are each titled, with the caption on postcard above "P.T." Boats.

This view of a Light Cruiser, a Submarine and a Destroyer is also from the Curt Teich "Action Series"...note that each card has its series number in the upper right corner on the front of the card.

Below is a third postcard from this series, showing a Battleship, Airplane Carrier, and Heavy Cruiser.

This last postcard from the "Action Series" is simply titled Naval Action and features dramatic scenes of combat.  The notation on the bottom left says, "Official U.S. Navy Photographs." 

This elaborate montage of images, Let's All Do Our Part for Victory, includes scenes of sailors, soldiers, ships, tanks and airplanes with the Statue of Liberty at the center.  Airplanes fly inside the letter V.

There are many reasons people like to collect postcards - for some, it's the historical interest. For others, it may be collecting pictures of specific subjects, and postcards are wonderful for that. I think a person could build a postcard collection around any subject.  Just a glance at the various categories on a dealer's table at a postcard show lets us know that there are nearly unlimited topics to capture our imagination.  For me, however, the artwork and design of the image on the postcard are foremost - therefore, my collection ranges over a number of topics. If the design of a postcard is dramatic, elegant or otherwise artful, I add it to the collection. These WWII linen postcards have a forthright patriotic imagery in common that I find appealing.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  WWII theme linens range in price from a few dollars to $15.00 or more, depending on the illustration.   The postcards shown here can be purchased for $4 - $7 and offer historic interest as well as great images.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 

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