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Friday, March 22, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Postcards Tuck & Brundage

Tuck publishers in the UK created some vivid and charming St. Patrick's Day designs for postcards, and four of my favorites are included in this post.  Above, we see a lovely lady in a long blue gown, playing a harp on an embossed postcard.  Her large dog doesn't resemble Irish Wolfhounds I have known, but perhaps a viewer can inform me about this handsome animal. I especially like the way the woman's hair is blowing in the breeze as she plays by the sea.  

Here's a group of well-dressed gentlemen toasting St. Patrick's day on an embossed postcard with golden details.  The harp and shamrocks appear at lower right.

The harp in the center of the map of Ireland, Erin's Isle, combines with this fellow wearing traditional country attire.   He's offering a handful of shamrocks on this embossed postcard with strong colors.  

A great design with a shamrock "frame" surrounded by clover,  a pretty young woman with dark hair sits with shamrocks inside.  Bright, strong greens highlighted with gold and rich embossing on this postcard.

Below are two gorgeous St. Patrick's Day designs by Frances Brundage (unsigned) published with a letter 'G' logo on the back which I cannot identify.  If you can name the publishers, that would be a big help!

PRICE ESTIMATES:  St. Patrick's Day has not reached the level of popularity enjoyed by other holiday postcards, although I once heard a dealer proclaim that St. Patrick's Day was "the next Halloween" for collectors.  Halloween, however, has a wide variety of images with macabre appeal while St. Patrick's Day postcards are generally similar in color and symbols.  Prices for the above postcards range from about $5 - $7 for the Tuck images and up to $25 for the Brundage images because she is so desirable an artist.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 

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