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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Father Time & Travel NEW YEAR Postcards

This post shows a series of New Year postcards with Father Time holding a lantern beneath a midnight clock.  He appears in different settings, each featuring a mode of transportation at the turn of the century.  Nice embossing, golden details and wild winter weather add to the charm of this series, with the publisher's logo on the back, an artist's palette & brush with capital letter G.  Printed in Germany.  Series No. 303.  

Above, Father Time welcomes a horse-drawn coach with snowy luggage lashed to the roof, driver on the front seat blowing a horn.   

On this postcard, Father Time lights the way for an open red auto filled with people, one of whom blows a New Year horn.  Progress marches on in the transportation department.  Snow swirls and Father Time rings a bell hanging by the midnight clock.

Trains pass in the night with Father time at the station below the midnight clock, waving his lantern.  A fine image with smoke pouring from the green train. 

There are two images of Father Time with ships - here he leans out a lighthouse window and sees a traditional sailing ship.  Below he watches as a more modern ship passes by, flying an American flag.

The last image in this post shows Father Time still by the sea, this time with a dirigible in the snowy sky.  Snow frosts the top of the midnight clock, gold lettering as on each of the designs.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing this series, one of my favorites!

PRICE ESTIMATES:  We have paid between $8 and $30 for these cards, depending on the image and where we have found them.  The dirigible card was the most expensive.  These prices were for cards in EXCELLENT condition and you may find a wide range of prices, as we did.  

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2013 - here's to another year of enjoying deltiology together! 

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