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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Holiday SNOWMEN Postcards

We open this post with a colorful embossed image of mischievous boys tossing snowballs at a snowman, hitting his tophat.  With a cheery expression, he seems unfazed by this attack.  Printed in Germany.

Two young girls visit a plump little snowman and the tot in a red outfit kisses his frosty cheek.  Nice embossing, an unusual image, postmarked 1912.  Printed in Germany.

Above a glamorous young woman hugs a snowman on a fine Winsch-published design from Samuel Schmucker.  Rich embossing, a golden background.  The circle design so often found in Schmucker images is seen here in the mistletoe garland.  Superb artwork, a wonderful New Year design with Winsch's fancy lettering.

Above are two fine snowman cards, both with artwork by Marie Flatscher.  On the first, published by PFB, children play with a strong snowman.  On the second, published by Langsdorf, a little girl feeds the birds while her big sister watches.  A light snow is falling on these pretty embossed postcards.  

A little Angel in a red outfit places a shamrock-decorated tophat on a tall snowman who is chilling a bottle of champagne in a snowy pocket.  Great unusual image combines three iconic images - Angel, snowman and the celebratory bottle of bubbly.  Nice detailed embossing.  Published by International Art.

On the last postcard, a little girl wearing a muff hides behind a snowman holding a Happy New Year sign.  Her brother has several snowballs and hopes to catch her.  Detailed embossing, gold highlights.  Printed in Germany.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The cards shown in this post will cost from about $10 to about $20 for the Marie Flatscher designs, and up to $100 for the Schmucker image.  As you can see, there are snowman postcards available at a range of prices.  Fun to collect, there are many snowman, snowlady and even snowcat images available.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition and they are only estimates.

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