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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage U.S. MAP Postcards

An interest in map postcards opens a large category for the collector; we have seen maps of sites in famous authors' or presidents' lives, subway maps from around the world and many more.  In this post, we focus on maps showing U.S. locations with selected themes.  Our first postcard is a linen  showing Southern California Romantic Highways with small images of sights along the way.  There are ships in the water and a Senorita in Mexico. 

Here is a linen Florida state map with a bathing beauty perched on a Florida scroll, shaded by a red and white beach umbrella.  In small letters we see Curt Teich & Co. on the scroll also.  Like many maps (including those we had to create for junior high homework) the map is illustrated with little pictures.  In this case, there are ships, bathing beauties, industry, Seminole Indians, the State Capitol and many tiny palm trees!

This linen postcard covers a wider area - the Sunshine Belt with a smiling sun in the upper right corner.  Celebrating warm states, there are circular images of regional sights the tourist might encounter.  Great colors and fun images make this an appealing linen map.

Here is a road map for the Norfolk-Portsmouth Bridge Tunnel Route with an inset picture at upper left showing old automobiles in the tunnel.  This is a Curt Teich linen with a descriptive paragraph on the back.

Larger illustrations grace this linen map postcard from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and the route is surrounded by a patchwork of smaller images, including a racetrack,  that highlight the charms of the area.   

A postcard designed to be sent home by travelers says at the top Where are you? Mark the spot and mail to a friend.  At the bottom is printed Scenes on an Auto Trip Around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.   

Travel maps can be a good way to record your adventures.  Here is a GULF OIL map for those who took long driving vacations when gas was cheaper...

If you preferred to travel by train, the Santa Fe Railroad teamed up with Rand McNally to produce the following map postcard with encouragement to mark with an X where the traveler had stayed that day.  There are deltiologists who collect "X marks the spot" postcards.

Our last entry in the map postcards post is a wonderful linen postcard for world travelers who used the airlines, Scandinavian Air Lines in this case, to traverse the globe.  Here each country is decorated with colorful images of its best-known tourist attractions.

PRICE ESTIMATES:   Map postcards are not expensive and they make an eye-catching and historically interesting collection.  The cards in this post can be purchased from about $3.00 to $6.00 each and they are readily available.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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