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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marie Flatscher CHILDREN Postcards Meissner & Buch

In a previous post, we looked at the fine artwork of Marie Flatscher as published by PFB on embossed postcards.  The postcards we show here are all flat images published by Meissner & Buch.  Somewhat harder to find, these postcards illustrate Marie Flatscher's remarkable artistry in creating individual children with distinctive expressions.  Her designs show us happy moments from childhood with playful scenes often incorporating animals or dolls in the children's play.  The postcards I have selected for this post have no sentiment, which makes them open to the sender's message no matter what the occasion (and ideal for framing.)  

A little girl and her cat keep a close watch on a mouse in a cage. Flatscher was talented at showing cats and dogs with both accuracy and personality.  

Here a little girl plays with her dolls which are animated in her imagination and - perhaps! - in her nursery, too.

Dachshunds feature prominently in Marie Flatscher's postcards.  Here one takes a drink from Baby's bottle while a passel of spotted puppies watch the family's activities.  In the right lower corner is the jester doll that Flatscher frequently included in her designs.

In this design, Big Sister has a book tucked under her arm and it looks as though she has lined everyone up for lessons, from Baby Sister and the dachshund to kittens and dolls, too.  The solid color backgrounds on many of the Meissner & Buch postcards serve to set off the bright colors beautifully.

Two images of children with their pets.  In one, a light grey kitten watches a little girl blowing bubbles.  In the second postcard, the girls escape the reach of dachshund puppies by standing on a chair.   Below is an extra-lively design of kittens with their little mistress...she has given each of them a bow.  Obviously a cat-lover, she doesn't seem to mind becoming a climbing tree for her pets.

A soft-colored woodland background adds depth to this pretty image of a mother and her little girl with three playful puppies.  The dogs in this picture have bows, too...the pets in Marie Flatscher's designs seem as well cared-for and cheerful as the children.  

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Marie Flatscher's designs published by Meissner & Buch are harder to find in the U.S. and are priced higher than the more available PFB designs.  Postcards shown in this post cost us up to $40 each, and some were bought over a decade ago.  Prices on these lovely images keep increasing, so start collecting Marie Flatscher images now if you enjoy her artwork.  We anticipate prices for all her postcards will continue to grow as she becomes better recognized.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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