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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love & Marriage on Antique Postcards HIS View

The Victorians were very romantic as seen in the wide variety of romantic postcards - sweet, sexy and humorous - available.  Some love-and-romance images were real photo postcards, some printed from photographs and some artist-drawn. The sentiments were sometimes intense - more romantic than anything Hallmark has to offer today.  However, when it came to marriage, our grandparents and their parents were more practical - and more ambivalent.  

In this post, we look at the man's side of things...above are two postcards pointing out what a man was desperately seeking in a wife - domestic services - in addition to sex and romance.

Men pictured doing laundry and attempting to cook for themselves were common illustrations of why a wife was needed.  These postcards are plentiful.

However, even getting married didn't guarantee a fellow got the level of services he wanted, as witness the above postcard.  Not only is he still trying to cook for himself, he has undarned socks and a baby to care for.  That last burden appears in many disgruntled-husband postcards, sometimes with a suffragette theme about the poor husband/father being henpecked by a dominant spouse, being left home by his newly liberated wife or their roles being switched.

This caption above says  Puzzle:  Find his Mother.  Other anti-suffrage postcards ask, Where is my wife?   

This harried father wishes he was safely at work.  The father-of-six below seems unsure of how he ended up that way.

All in all, the trials of marriage and fatherhood could leave a fellow longing for his single days as shown in the postcard below.  Interesting that the image shows him not carousing, but drinking at a bar alone.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Marriage related postcards cost just a few dollars each and they are plentiful.  Those that  include suffrage or women's rights themes can cost more - up to $20 each.  In our next post, we will examine the married state from the woman's point of view.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.


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