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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love & Marriage on Antique Postcards HER View

Marriage could disappoint a woman in a variety of ways - here is the most common complaint on antique postcards.  The attentive suitor has turned into the absent spouse, most often  found down at the local bar having an evening out with his friends while the wife is at home.  This version of a classic marital situation is illustrated and signed by artist Fred Spurgin.

Not only might a Victorian girl wish she were a man so she could sit and read the paper, but for other reasons of freedom.  There were few sources of income open to women 100 years ago, and most women married expecting to have the resources to raise children.  Marrying didn't always solve financial problems, however, and the wife sneaking money from her unwitting husband was a staple image on marriage postcards as seen below.

 The old adage about  a woman's work never being done could lead a woman to feel she had made a difficult bargain.  Cupid is shown by the laundry tub, showing how romance led to her predicament.

And a husband might expect to manage every expenditure.  This cycle - of the husband's penury and the wife's "taking a little change" - was a source of frustration.  Below is a solution not every woman could afford.  A happy single woman watches the angry husband demand Where's that nickel I gave you yesterday?

The above postcard illustrates an age-old problem we still have not solved...and points out just one of the ways that antique postcards differ from modern cards.  The topics we can find on antique postcards cover social issues never seen in the cheery greetings available now. 

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Marriage postcards can be found for a few dollars each and they are plentiful.  Unusual images may cost more.  This estimate is for postcards in EXCELLENT condition and it is only an estimate. 

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