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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Erotic Antique Postcards

There are many types of erotic antique postcards from sweet nudes to graphic and prurient photos (the euphemisms, "not airbrushed" or "unretouched" mean pubic hair is visible) and everything in-between.  Above are two restrained erotic images, a partial nude wearing a sheer wrap with delicate tinting, and a colorful image of a dancer by Gayac signed by the artist at the lower right.

In this post, we take a look at some of the visual puns, witty tongue-in-cheek erotic postcards published in the early 1900s in Europe.  These are all flat images.

Here are two postcards from Germany showing ladies enjoying the mud baths at Moorbad, about to be rinsed off by a woman who works at the baths.  The mud - and the splashes - are strategically placed.

This German postcard shows what I heard one dealer call "the butt band"...blushing buttocks stand in for rosy cheeks on these musicians.   Below we see a real photo postcard of a woman beside an enormous mushroom offering the viewer a phallic symbol with a sweet smile.  This postcard, and the next one, both appear in the book Erotic Postcards by William Ouellette and Barbara Jones.


This image of a mushroom is accompanied by a long French caption, heavy on the puns. 
 "Do You Want Good Health?
Avoid mushrooms!  The most dangerous is that known by the name: Black Forest Mushroom.  While it is very pleasant to the taste  it produces a swelling of the belly and shortly afterwards causes terrible pains in the region of the lower abdomen.  Don't trust mushrooms!"

In the French food-is-sexy genre, we have two 1920s entries.  These are real photo postcards of drawings of women with phallic edibles.  The first is titled How to Eat a Biscuit.  The second is titled How to Enjoy a Banana.

We finish with an older postcard, signed by the artist Mouton at bottom left, showing a lady enjoying asparagus.  Apparently, this meal is enhanced by removing some clothing. 

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Erotic postcards of this type are less common than simple nudes which are easily found.    Moorbad Mud Bath images can be found for $10 - $20 (with some signed by Thiele a bit higher).  The cards with unusual phallic images generally cost between $25 - $50 each.  The last image, signed by Mouton, may cost more.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 

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