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Saturday, May 5, 2012

BUTTERFLY WOMEN on Early Postcards

Butterfly women are one of our favorite fantasy themes - they come in many types and represent a portion of the fantasy postcard genre that seems to bring out exceptional creativity in the publishers.  Above we begin with two printed and colored images taken from photographs of pretty ladies in abbreviated outfits.  Some of the pictures have been left in the original black and white, which serves to make the colored sections more vivid.  Love the antennae on the women's heads!

Here is a detail from the real photo postcard below.  Hand-tinting on the photograph adds to the charm of this early fantasy published by the Philadelphia Post Card Co. for an international market. 

One famous set of butterfly women from World War I shows the allies' flags as butterfly wings.  These women represent a number of countries.  Fine artwork and bright colors are hallmarks of this highly collectible series.  Here is the English butterfly:

Another butterfly woman without antennae appears in this tinted real photo postcard, printed in Saxony. 

We include an irresistible Dragon-fly woman in this group because she is so gorgeous and she fits in with the flying-insect fantasy group.  A real photo postcard with added artwork and coloring, this postcard has a Russian stamp and a divided back.  The postmark cannot be read.

The last pair of semi-nude Butterfly Women display art deco flair, brilliant colors with handpainted images against black backgrounds.  The surface of these postcards is matte and flat with an almost velvety feel.  

Price Estimates:  Butterfly women and other insect-creatures come in a wide variety of types.   We estimate a cost of about $15 - $50 for quality examples - remember, these estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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