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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RPPC Real Photo Postcards PEOPLE with ALLIGATORS

This is one of our favorite real photo postcard themes - people posing with alligators.  In some of these postcards, the photo was taken in a studio with a stuffed alligator; in others the alligators have their jaws tied shut and they may be alive, as in the image above. This real photo postcard has an AZO stampbox, 1904-1918.

Here is a studio image, with fellows wrestling a wild stuffed 'gator and the lady posed with a whip.  On the back of this undivided and unmailed postcard is handwritten, Susie, Bernie Jenkins and Fred Krist in Hot Springs. 

Here the adults seem more sedate - perhaps because the chidren are riding the alligator.  In fact, this image shows a group of 'gators of varying sizes. This real photo postcard has a CYKO stampbox, 1904-1920s.  It has a divided back and imprinted on the back it says, W.A. Kugler, City Gates, St. Augustine, Fla.

The couple above, well-dressed and friendly with their alligator, writes a message to the recipient that starts, Don't you wish you had come?  Only ninety-five in the shade...
It's hard to imagine wearing those outfits in 95 degree heat, but the message goes on to say they have enjoyed walking, seeing a dairy farm and pineapples growing.  This undivided back postcard is postmarked 1907 from Daytona, Florida and sent to Massachusetts.

This remarkable scene shows a group of people among tall grasses with the ladies holding little alligators and seated on big ones.  Although alligator settings were popular in places that actually had alligators, this studio image is marked on the back Harris Photo Post Card Co. Pittston, Pa. and Mt. Arlington, N.J.

This pretty baby seems content to ride her fierce-looking alligator.  A CYKO stampbox dates the image 1904 - 1920s.  There are also print postcards of children riding 'gators in a variety of settings.  When we were children the local zoo offered rides on big tortoises...a fun collection could be assembled of children riding different animals.

The last image in this post is of a child holding a stuffed alligator with a sign that gives us the place and date, Miami, Fla. 1926. The studio has provided a painted ocean and palm trees backdrop to further the illusion. 

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The real photo images of Victorian ladies, gentlemen and children with alligators are popular and cost between $25 - $50 each.  The more elaborate the pose and the better quality the photo, the higher the price.  Printed postcards of children riding alligators, dating from about 1910 through the linen period, can be purchased for about $5 - $6 each.
These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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  1. These are so amusing, especially the one with the whip.