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Monday, April 9, 2012

Antique ADVERTISING Postcards 1900 - 1915

Having looked at linen advertising postcards, we now spotlight older postcards that promote products or services.  

The postcard above advertises IXL chicken tamales that come in a can.  On the back, advertising is printed in the message section, using a script font that imitates hand-writing, describing how the sender notices "at the exposition in San Francisco, as well as throughout the entire Coast, that I.X.L. Tamales are the most popular of foods, etc."

This advertising is below a small black and white image of a "birds-eye view P.P.I.E. San Francisco."  So this postcard is of interest to exposition collectors, too.

On other advertising relating to food, there are many great advertising postcards for restaurants, published from the Golden Era of postcards up through the chrome postcard period.  Here is one of our favorites from a New York restaurant, with wonderful art deco styling.  The back of this card has a black and white seal with the slogan, "The Pride of the House is Hospitality."  Although this is a standard postcard size, the back is not a traditional postcard design.

In the food category, we especially like the series for Domino Sugar cubes which includes several delightful fantasy images, one with a butterfly.  Here is an old globe image postcard for Domino.

 This sweet little girl advertises Kellogg cereal, an old American brand which can be found in a wide variety of advertising postcards. 

European postcards can add color and verve to your advertising collection.  The French pasta postcard below displays a vibrant wit and humor!  This is a divided back postcard for Pates La Lune. 

Another French series of advertising postcards promotes Byrrh Tonique with glamorous images in a variety of color palettes...there are many different designs for this drink.  

A popular advertising postcard, readily available, is this lovely image for Lindsay Gas Lights & Gas Mantles, gas being the precursor to electric lights in American households.

 Our last entry in turn-of-the-century advertising is for a musical comedy.  Stage shows, circuses and other performances like Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, form a sub-set of advertising postcards with lots of color and variety.  These can be expensive, and are good investments when found in top condition.  

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The postcards in this post that are most reasonably-priced include The Lindsay Girl and Domino Sugar.  The IXL Tamales postcard and the Kellogg child will cost about $10 - $15.00.  The other postcards will cost up to about $60.  The most expensive postcards here are for Byrrh and the Tech Show.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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  1. The French cards you posted here are especially beautiful, but the tech show one is spectacular and the tamale one is fascinating. I have had canned tamales before. As you might expect, they're not so good, but there were always about 4 to the can. It's hard to imagine one big can shaped tamale.