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Friday, March 9, 2012

PFB EASTER Postcards - Rich Embossing & Gorgeous Colors

In this post, we look at one type of Easter postcard published by Paul Finkenrath Berlin, also known as PFB.  All the postcards published by PFB show good artwork and fine printing, and there are some dramatic Easter designs with simple designs set against dark backgrounds that really make the images extra-vivid.  However, this post focuses on the elaborate detailed designs that show off PFB's fine printing capability.  We open with a fantasy image of a child driving a lamb-drawn Easter egg cart through a country scene.  Not only does the meadow have subtle color gradations of grass, earth and flowers, but the sky is a glorious soft aqua blue with fantastic realistic clouds floating above our image.  PFB's clouds are spectacular -  some lit with delicate sun ray colors and some shadowed with soft pastel grey.  The embossing on these postcards is just as superb, featuring fine detail rarely found from other publishers.

Above, a little girl leads her sheep down a country path, pulling a flower-decorated cart with a huge coral-colored egg.  The child's white dress is not only embossed, but also embellished with tiny gold decorations.

Fantasy images for Easter from PFB often include children with huge eggs; in the postcard below, two children are seated inside a big pink egg, accompanied by a curious lamb.  Note the pink clouds and the unusually complex detail in the tree leaves and branches.
Even the floral garlands have beautifully drawn leaves and flowers. 

Here is an image of a little girl - once again dressed in European country garb like the children in the pink egg.  This time she is shown with a silver surround, the main image in a sunrise oval vignette.  She carries a lamb on her shoulders and pink blossoms provide a colorful Spring touch at the bottom of the egg-shaped image.  The colors nearly 'glow.'

These children have found a huge egg that brother carries and a huge rooster to match...the scale is a little startling as the rooster is actually larger than little sister who is seated in a rustic wooden cart.  Brother is either hailing or teasing the rooster.  Still, the general air is cheerful!

The sky in the pretty image above is an unusual deep turquoise with ragged rose pink clouds.  The children wear country garb, standing beside some fantastically big pussy willow stems.  Their lamb stands with them.  Note the detail in the wooden gate and in the greenery at their feet.

The last example of PFB Easter designs in this post is one of our favorites, from a series of children in bird's nests.  In this image, the children are singing beneath the pastel pink flowering branches of a tree with birds joining in the Easter chorus.  Exquisite details, rich embossing and superior artistry light up this design. 

Price Estimates:  PFB postcards vary in price depending on rarity, condition, design and where you find them.  There are quite a lot of PFB postcards available, so they must have been popular when they were first published.  The Easter postcards shown in this post range in price from about $10  -  $20.  They are often more expensive at postcard shows.  Sometimes you can find them in lots, which reduces the price per card.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition (a couple of our illustrations in this post have cancellation marks on the front which reduces the value) and they are only estimates.


  1. These are fantastic Easter greetings postcards. I have come across a few in my time but nothing like these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment - we're always glad to hear that the blog brings something new to collectors!