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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Embossed BATHING BEAUTY Postcards 1907-1915

In this bathing beauty post, all the postcards are embossed and all are marked Made in Germany on the back.  Some were produced, as shown in our examples, with and without gold embellishment.  The colors are intense and the ladies always beautiful!  Above we see a woman using her binoculars to get a good view of activity at the seashore. 

In this lively image, the boat is gold in the second postcard and gold details have been added throughout the design, including on the red hat.   This assortment of bathing beauty postcards gives you a glimpse of the range of images available from serene scenes on the beach to tumultuous moments in the waves.  In the pair of postcards below, note that the gold-added image at the bottom also has gold 'grass' added to the lower edge of the image.

The flirtatious couple above is an example of silk-added bathing beauty postcards with lilac fabric added to the lady's suit and hat bow.  The card is richly embossed with the fabric showing the embossing, too.

The playful women on the left are decorated with gold details.  Bathing beauty postcards show women friends enjoying the beach together and couples meeting and flirting.
A few series, like Tuck publishers' Greetings from the Seaside, (see our post) include images of children.  However, this is not the most commonly available theme.  Generally, the emphasis is on the risque ladies in abbreviated attire.  Sometimes the bathing suits shown are very revealing indeed, compared to the dresses women usually wore.
One of the pleasures of collecting old postcards is learning about life in a previous era.  Here we see a lady leaving a wheeled cabin, designed for women to change into their bathing suits in privacy and then slip modestly below the water.  How this combined with women in revealing suits lounging on the beach, we cannot say.

Here is a combination of two of our favorite postcard themes - bathing beauties with a camera.  Lots of nice shining gold has been applied to this design.  Don't miss the cut-outs on the blue bathing suit showing some tempting thigh.   Pretty sexy for any fashion period!

We close with a pair of bathing beauties in long-skirted swimsuits and leg-covering tights - for the comparison between day-wear and beach-wear, look at the lady in the background.   

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Bathing beauty postcards from this period, divided backs from 1907-1915, come in embossed and flat versions.  As shown here, some have gold added and some do not.  The more elaborate the postcard, the higher the price.  These postcards are usually available from $10 - $15 each, although images with cameras frequently cost more.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.


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  2. Wow, those are fabulous. The gold really does change the character of the card. The bathing suits themselves are wonderful, with those little peekaboo cut-outs and the laced-up bathing shoes.