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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Camera Theme Postcards KODAK GIRLS & Other Advertising

There are so many types of old postcard that fit into the Camera or Photographer themes that it will take two posts to show them.  This post is dedicated to advertising postcards, including the very popular Kodak Girls.  We'll show several of these beauties urging folks to take their Kodak camera on vacation with them.  Above is a multiview Kodak Girl, supposedly showing scenes from her vacation with the classic postcard message in the center, Wish You Were Here.

Here "Bess" offers a picture of herself with her camera and a promise to share "no end of good pictures" when she returns.  Each Kodak Girl was pretty and came with a friendly message.  And each was an avid shutter-bug, of course!

This Kodak Girl sends a message signed "Jane" and she urges the recipient "be sure to bring your Kodak"...it's interesting that these postcards were so popular considering how blatant the Kodak advertising was.  Perhaps people saved them because the Girls were  attractive, or perhaps because this was the age in which the hobby of photography was becoming almost a craze, at least for the folks who could afford a camera.  These are all real photo postcards, and some were sent out with advertising from a local camera shop on the back.
Kodak Girl "Peggy" is sepia tone.  There is a message printed in the correspondence area on the back in script lettering promoting "Your own vacation fun will be doubled if you take along a Kodak..." and promising "No dark room, you know.  Let us show you. Harr, Duer & Harr, Troy, Ohio."  It is postmarked 1911. 

There's a wide variety of advertising postcards for cameras, photographers, and photo services. Here are a couple of somewhat newer postcards, both real photo postcards.  E-fect Slides offers fancy frames as shown to enhance your photographs.  This is postmarked 1949.

Here is a more modern pretty lady with a photo theme, from the Atlas Photo Company.  The message area on the back is printed with a price list and the postcard is postmarked 1954.

Below is a different kind of advertising postcard with an April 1923 calendar page and a smiling woman in a straw hat posed beside a waterfall.  At the top, we see Kelly and Green's ad for Expert Kodak Finishing.  There is a hole already provided for the recipient to hang this calendar postcard.

PRICE ESTIMATES:  Kodak Girl postcards range in price from about $30 - $60 and may be more at shows.  The other postcards in this post cost us between $8 and $20, collected over a 10-year period.   Camera and photographer theme postcards have become more popular in the last couple of years, and the prices we paid in the past may not always be available now.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 

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