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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Silk SANTA CLAUS Christmas Postcards

This post is about fabric-added Santa Claus novelty postcards, all with rich embossing.  We especially like the way the fabric added to these images intensifies the color on our favorite holiday fellow.  We also enjoy how friendly Santa appears in these cards, with his expression varying from a quiet gentleness to a truly jolly smile.

There's a wide variety of silk Santa Claus images, showing him with Angels, children, and with different modes of transportation.  Here we show a sampling of images, all marked Made in Germany on the back.

As with many valuable postcards, you will find lower prices at auction than in on-line stores or at postcard shows.  Because these Christmas postcards are so desirable, there can be lively competition for them.  While the prices are high, remember that the more valuable the postcards you collect, the more likely they are to appreciate in value significantly over the years. 

We love this image of Santa Claus in an old-fashioned imaginative dirigible with the earth far below him.  This dramatic image gives him more altitude than his task seems to require, but it's a lovely design with blue silk on the doll as well as red silk on Santa.  The embossing on the basket and holly is very detailed.


Considering how busy Santa is on Christmas eve, he can be forgiven a few shortcuts.  Here he meets little girls at their window to give them their toys.  Perhaps these children didn't have a chimney.  Apartment dwellers look forward to his visits, too!  One of the little girls wears a blue dress with silk added in this image.

This is an intriguing montage of Christmas images with Santa Claus and his reindeer on the snowy rooftop on the right side...and a scene of the sleeping children on the left.  Santa's sleigh is full of the usual toys and also has an American flag, indicating that this design was destined for the American market.

A whimsical design shows Santa on a big handsome rocking horse, perhaps testing this beautiful toy before he leaves it for a lucky child.  Santa seems especially cheerful in this image as he rides along under a bright moon.

In our last image, Santa holds up a flaming torch to light the way in a dark forest, with a crescent moon shining on the right side.  A group of Angels and children form a little parade with him, carrying toys, playing a drum, holding a sack...charming imagery with lots of action!

Price Estimates:  These highly-collectible postcards range in price from about $25 up to $75 and more. They are commonly priced over $50, but careful shopping may find quality examples for less.  The more unusual images cost more.  In this post, the most valuable postcard is the design of Santa Claus in his dirigible.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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  1. Hi - I stumbled upon your blog today .. I love your postcard images ... I'd love to learn more about vintage cards so I've added myself as a follower.

    Although I am not a collector, I am the keeper of a box of family postcards from the 1910s. I posted a group of Santas last week, here:


    next i think i'll post some that are Christmas with horseshoes and wishbones.

    thanks for an interesting blog ... it seems like a non-intimidating place to start learning.