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Friday, December 2, 2011

CHRISTMAS ANGELS on Antique Postcards

As the holiday season approaches, it's a good time to look at some of the antique postcards devoted to Christmas celebrations.  This post is about Angels, many musical, that graced greetings at the turn of the century.   The blond Angel above resembles art by Ellen Clapsaddle but appears on a nicely embossed postcard without a publisher's name on the back.  Since publishers often stole artwork from other publishers, it's hard to know exact histories for some of our favorite images.  This pretty postcard is Printed in Germany. 

These pretty singers appear on an early undivided back postcard.  The image is done in soft colors on a flat postcard, with lit candles on the tree.  Imagine having lit wax candles on an evergreen tree now - we'd consider it a fire hazard.  But at the time, it must have looked quite magical, especially in the evening as the light faded outdoors. 

These two heavily embossed Angels have airbrushed colors that make them stand out dramatically from their dark green backgrounds.    The card on the left has clouds embossed in the background, adding to the fantasy quality.  The publisher is not identified on these postcards, either.

A  silver background creates a lovely setting for this dark-haired Angel with a pink-trimmed gown and white feathery wings.  She is shown with mistletoe on this early undivided back flat postcard postmarked 1907.  Exceptional artwork and a mist of gold at the top of the background make this image special.

Here we see another musical Angel with giant wings, as she floats above a snowy landscape, her music in hand.  This postcard is nicely embossed with wonderful gold stars dotting the deep blue sky.  Our Angel finds her footing in a soft swirl of white cloud - a lovely image on another Printed in Germany postcard.  On the back is printed Post Card, Poskarte, Carte Postale, indicating the three markets where the postcard would be made available to buyers.

We close this post with a very unusual Angel on a poster-style postcard, protecting young women workers below her sheltering pink wings.  This is a holiday greeting with a social action theme.  Below, you will find the sentiment printed on the back of the postcard in the message section.  

Price Estimates:  Angel postcards range widely in price, from about $6 up to $25 or more, depending on design and quality.  Images of larger Angels, and images with lavish embossing and lots of silver or gold details added, usually cost more than plainer postcards.  Angels with children or shown with Santa Claus command a higher price. These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition and they are only estimates

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  1. The concept of the last postcard is so foreign by today's standards, with sales starting on Thanksgiving day. Sigh.