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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Antique Novelty Real Hair Postcards

Of course, these aren't decorated with actual human hair - in fact, we are unsure what the hair is made of, and would welcome hearing from anyone who has information!  However, the charm of these unusual novelty postcards, all dating from the early 1900s, is not limited by their fake hairdos, and we decided they deserved a post of their own.  Usually showing lovely ladies, there are also children with hair added.  Above, we see a sweet child in a classic Victorian sailor outfit.

 The blonde woman to the left is a signed artist postcard with fine details.  Her hair has been added along with a small die-cut paper flower.  This is an example of a postcard that was also available without hair added.   Her hair has been glued onto an already completed design.   

Here is a glamorous woman in a very fancy lacy gown, with ropes of pearls and pink flowers pinned to her dress.  Curly light brown hair has been added and she has a fabric pink flower in her hair as decoration, matching the flowers on her bodice.  We can just see a little of the strawberry blonde printed hair style at the top and front of her added hair.  

 This woman in a green  gown with a matching cap and a long string of colorful jewels gives the impression of a medieval beauty.  Her long dark curly hair is brightened by silver and gold metallic paper foil stars.   Below, a lady in pink ruffles sports another gold star in her dark curly hair, topped by a pink ruffled hat with a red feather trim design. 

The post ends with two children...a little musical darling with delicate pink cheeks and a rosebud mouth.  Her hair is a bit messy, which happens with postcard handling.

Our other tyke has a mischievous grin and winning ways; she takes a curl from her abundant auburn hair,  bringing Christmas Greetings.  The curl could be returned to her loose hairdo, but we like the way it looks above, the way we received it.  She has a real ribbon bow in her hair, blue to go with her bright blue eyes.

Price Estimates:  Hair-added novelty postcards vary widely in price as they go in and out of popularity.  We purchased these between $12 - $20, but they can be much more expensive, depending when and where you find them and depending on their condition.   This is only an estimate.

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