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Saturday, April 16, 2011


 Poster style postcards present visuals in the style of much larger prints. All the great graphics of a poster are squeezed into the standard 3.5 X 5.5 inch space of a postcard, keeping the impact while allowing the collection to be stored in an album rather than covering your walls.  This is our first post on the subject, focusing on San Francisco, California.

Of course, San Francisco is also famous for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, celebrating both the opening of the Canal and the rise of the city from the ashes of the quake and fire of 1906.  The card above shows two scenes of the city in oval vignettes above an image of the Bay and the Ferry Building (which is still there, now the scene of a fine farmer's market).  You will note that the image of the Golden Gate has no bridge, because this postcard dates from about 1915 and the bridge was built in the 1930s.

This nicely embossed greeting postcard shows the Victorian Cliff House above the San Francisco beach, before it was burned down.  A shame it wasn't reconstructed in its original form - what a beautiful and impressive building.

San Francisco is also known for its Chinatown, and early advertising postcards featured successful businesses in the Chinatown area.  Below is a good example of this poster-style postcard, a flat and colorful image.

Above is a creative poster-style design showing what appears to be a burlap-wrapped package secured with twine and red sealing wax, with 'stencil' lettering, a tag and a picture of a New Post Office postcard, making this both a San Francisco postcard and a good addition to the deltiology collector's album.  This flat postcard is postmarked 1907.  
Above we show two Admission Day celebration postcards, both with vivid colors and dramatic graphics.  These cards are flat, with the lady card by Cardinell-Vincent publishers, and the couple by Edward Mitchell.  Both these publishers were active in San Francisco at the turn of the century.

Here is another view of the original Cliff House, embellished with the California State flower, the golden poppy.  This postcard has rich embossing on both the floral design and the Cliff House image.  Published by Richard Behrendt of San Francisco, this is an especially nice example of our poster-style postcards from the city by the bay.

Price Estimates: The quality of the design and embossing on poster-style postcards will affect the prices.  The cards in this post cost between about  $15 - $40.  This estimate is for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and it is only an estimate.

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