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Friday, April 8, 2011


In this post we take a look at patriotic postcards from World War II - the first card is by Kropp and we especially like the way certain images (the airplane, the parachute) 'escape' the borders of the large letters to add action to the image.  All the rest of the postcards shown in this post were published by Tichnor. 

The postcards by Tichnor that we have chosen to show here all have a V for Victory visual theme...here we see a huge red letter V with marching soldiers and warships...note that scale has been sacrificed to dramatic imagery.  StriVe for Victory carries through the V idea.

We especially like the simple vivid design of this poster-style card; it reminds us of a flag in concept, and combines our red/white/blue national color scheme very nicely. 

The two postcards above show first the military and then the united efforts of the military with our once-strong labor force - a farming image in the foreground and a factory in the background.  They show graphically the idea of working together for Victory - how everyone's efforts are needed to win the war.  It's disconcerting to think how Labor has lost power and presence in our country since WWII and how that might affect our strength if we needed to participate in another world war. 

We already have a post of Keep 'em Flying WWII postcards you might like to see - here's a big V for Victory combined with the theme of keeping our pilots and planes in the air.  The American Eagle accompanies these planes on a mission.

The Over the Top postcard once again shows the Army, the Navy and the American worker combining strengths to reach Victory - a design full of action and color.

We close with a colorful image of Uncle Sam rollling up his sleeves to fight for Victory - our national symbol dressed in his traditional red/white/blue outfit...he has taken off his jacket and his tophat to get ready for combat.   By the way, the Morse Code on some of these cards( ...- ) translates to V.  

Price Estimates:  These vivid linen postcards are still a good deal at about $4 - $10 each.  Now is a great time to work on your collection of WWII postcards before these prices rise.  This estimate is for postcards in excellent condition, and it is only an estimate. 

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