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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Antique EASTER Fantasy CHICKS RABBIT Postcards

In this post, we look at a selection of Easter fantasy postcards with rabbits, hens, chicks and roosters engaged in human activities and in fantastical settings.  From a variety of publishers, these postcards are all nicely embossed, many with gold details added.  We begin with Easter animals in different modes of 'modern' transport dating from the early 1900s when these postcards were produced.  The postcard above shows chicks on a trolley, Made in Germany published by E.B. and postmarked 1908.

Here a white rabbit chauffeurs some gigantic chicks in their elegant automobile.  A big pink egg serves as a headlamp on this classy vehicle.  This postcard was postmarked 1910.

Next is a charming image from International Art publishers, possibly the work of Ellen Clapsaddle.  Her chicks always seem to have an abundance of personality, and the individual chicks in this open automobile show real individuality.  We especially like the motoring goggles.  Postmark date on this wonderful postcard is unclear. 

Above is a lively scene of chicks dancing to the accordion music - Printed in Germany with rich embossing and witty artwork, vivid colors.  This postcard was postmarked 1910.

The postcard above shows a classic Easter fantasy image - rabbits, chicks, angels or children painting gigantic holiday eggs.  These dressed rabbits are painting faces on a family of white eggs, the larger eggs wearing hats.  This postcard was published by Whitney, and while it has writing on the back it was not mailed.  It is probably the most recent of the postcards shown in this post - possibly as late as the 1920s.    Below is an image of dressed rabbits and an assertive chick playing in the garden, Mama rabbit watching from the window.  This beautiful fantasy has lots of shining gold details, published in Europe, postmarked in 1907.

We fine a very different theme in the image below, one of a series of military-theme Easter fantasies of rabbits in warfare.  Here the rabbits are mounted on roosters - they wear colorful uniforms.  The pink-coated rabbit has a sword.  Published by B.W., printed in Germany, postmarked 1908. 

These two nicely dressed chicks are ready for a day on the town, but a slip causes an egg to fall and break.  Great facial expressions!  This embossed postcard has a solid silver background.  Printed in Germany with a little writing on the back but unmailed.

These sweet little chicks are fascinated by an Easter classic from my childhood - do you remember big sugar eggs with die-cut paper stand-up scenes inside?  They were so much fun to receive, and such a treat to look into, as these little chicks are doing.  This postcard image also appears with rabbits looking into a sugar egg.
Another Easter fantasy classic uses eggs as shelters - here we see a rabbit inside a giant egg.  Some of the egg houses are quite fancy, with window curtains and flower boxes.  Others, like the egg on this fantasy postcard, are plain.  Our rabbit wears a bright red jacket.  Nice embossing, postmarked in 1911.
Price estimates:  Easter fantasy postcards vary in price depending on how elaborate, embossed or gilded the image may be. The postcards shown in this post range in price from about $8.00 - $15.00.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates. 


  1. I have mainly rabbit cards, but am starting to become interested in the chicks too. I made a video with my Vintage Easter Bunny Postcards here:

  2. Thank you for this link - it's a wonderful assortment of postcards. We especially like the one with the raining colored eggs in the background...much appreciated!