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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you know the little girl in pink on the right of this real photo postcard? 

If you have been collecting real photo postcards of women and children, you might recognize her.  All that I know about her is that most of the postcards showing her were made in Germany, but I suspect she was a photographer's daughter and this is why - she appears from toddlerhood to mature womanhood (there are even poses of her holding children in her lap) throughout the popular years of real photo postcards (RPPC).  In this post, we will have a chance to see her at different ages.  If you are wondering how ubiquitous her image was, I should tell you that I bought all these cards in one evening on eBay.  When you begin looking for her, you will find her everywhere!

Here she appears with another little girl who also poses in the photo postcard above - the photographer's daughter is in the middle and the little girl we see in the center of the 'singers' is at the top of this rope ladder.  Maybe the little girl at the bottom of the ladder is the child with pink bows above...what do you think? 

Below we see an image of the photographer's daughter when she is a little older.  She is quite a distinctive-looking child and once you have identified her gently rounded face, dark eyes and curly hair, you will have little difficulty picking her out.

Here is our girl in a stylish hat and frock, wearing a look of adolescent solemnity.  The lace on her dress has been hand-colored with white details to make it stand out and delicate tinting has been added to her clothing and her rosy cheeks.  Her flowers have been colored bright pink.

As an adult, the photographer's daughter retains her most distinctive features - here we see two images of her all grown-up and looking glamorous.  Her family must have been very proud of her, and countless collectors must have admired her beauty, too!

In this post, we have explored a little mystery in the deltiologist's hobby -  if you have a favorite mystery you'd like to share or learn more about, let me know.  I would enjoy hearing about it and exploring a solution!


  1. I had no idea - how fascinating! I would have difficulty making the jump between the round-faced girl and the young woman. Are there lots of other photos that show the transition?

  2. Hi Christine, These were all purchased on the same day, but I have seen images of her at other ages, so I imagine that the in-between postcards you refer to could also be found...thanks for your input! Toni