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Sunday, October 3, 2010


This post focuses on Gibson-published Halloween cards, with brilliant colors on flat designs.  Art deco cards,  produced from about 1915-1920s, are becoming more popular as the competition among collectors to purchase top quality postcards from 1898-1915 becomes more intense.  Also, art deco styling is growing in appreciation and value in every form, from artwork to furniture, and that increases the prices of these fun Halloween postcards, also.  The Gibson postcards with Halloween designs can be whimsical, such as the series shown here with spooky jack o' lanterns and surprised children with their pets.  The children wear court jester costumes in bright colors - we love the color palette used in these designs! 

Another series has a bright orange and black 'checkerboard' trim around the edges; here is an example.  In this image we see the same pumpkin with a surprised child suited up in a traditional clown costume.  The color scheme is more subtle and restrained, relying on the images for impact.

The cat border marks one of the most highly valued Gibson Halloween designs - these cards cost over $100 each and any purchase of them below $100 should be considered an excellent bargain for any collector.

The two cards here with little girls show off the same humorous artwork combination...jolly pumpkins scaring the kids on vibrant backgrounds with bright - even startling - colors.

In a slightly more sinister vein, a black cat blows a holiday horn and appears to dance with a ghostly character sporting a jack o' lantern head...
We finish this post with a witty Gibson Halloween design that uses a spider web as a background for our tumbling little girl in her jester-clown outfit with pointed hat.  A witch rides through the orange sky, or may have become entangled in the web, while a belltower holds down the left side of the image.  

Price Estimates:  Like all art deco design, these vivid postcards are increasing in price.  Expect to pay from $25 - $40 for the orange designs, and (as described) over $100 for the designs in the popular cat-border series.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

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