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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Antique & Art Deco TRAVEL Postcards

When travel was by train or ship - not by airplane - advertising postcards for travel excursions reached an artistic height with intense colors and fantastic images.  This post shares some circa 1910 travel poster-style postcards plus several art deco travel designs from the 1920s/1930s.  Travel poster-style postcards make a satisfying collection and an eye-catching display if you decide to frame and show some of your acquisitions.  

We begin with a French design for railway journeys to Bretagne.  Second is a stylish design for a vacation in Italy near the leaning tower at Pisa.  This postcard advertises a hotel for the traveler - with an elevator, bathrooms, a garage for visitors coming by automobile, and a restaurant. 

An especially fine artist-signed art deco postcard follows, advertising both railways and ships - Ch. de Fer & Paquebots - and showing well-dressed passengers boarding the ship.  In the background is a porter perched on top of a huge pile of luggage bound for a hotel - these folks didn't take weekend get-aways but packed for luxurious journeys lasting weeks or months.
This energetic vision of a huge cruise ship about to depart New York City shows the excitement of a long cruise, where just the send-off was an event.  Superb artwork and lots of vivid color light up this card.  All the postcards in this post are flat without embossing.   

Below is a beautiful postcard showing a soft Spring view of an excursion by train to a chateau in Normandy, with light reflections on the water and pale pink cherry blossoms.

There are some magnificent graphic art deco designs that offer a more modern flavor - these, too, would be superb framed and displayed.  If you have traveled to places you especially liked, or plan to travel to some new destinations, you may be able to find travel poster-style postcards to celebrate your own vacation favorites.  

We show two from Italy, one from Mexico.  The vivid colors, elegant designs and classic art deco lettering all add to the charm of these vintage travel advertising postcards. 

Price Estimates:  Travel postcards vary from seller to seller in price; some can be acquired as low as $10, while others may be listed at $15-$30 each.  You can find some bargains if you are willing to be patient and buy travel postcards in a group or "lot" from sellers who don't want to bother listing them individually.  As always, condition counts.  These prices are for postcards in excellent condition, and they are only estimates. 


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