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Thursday, February 18, 2010

World War II Airplanes KEEP 'EM FLYING!

A patriotic slogan during World War II, "Keep 'em Flying" encouraged civilians to donate to the war effort - the catch-phrase was shorthand for winning the war in the air, and appeared on a variety of brightly-colored linen postcards and, as shown in this post, at least one mutoscope arcade card.

The public liked to be able to identify the airplanes involved in the war effort. A number of Keep 'em Flying designs were published to help collectors identify war planes - here we see the Lightning Interceptor and Dive Bomber

Here is an image from the back of the postcard on the left showing the silhouette of the plane, the Vultee-66.This postcard, with the silhouette on the back, was published by Longshaw Card Co. of Los Angeles, California.  The Lightning Interceptor and Dive Bomber were published by Curt Teich.  Teich publishing created the generic card below, which appears with various captions at the bottom identifying different locations around the U.S.  On this version, the bottom caption is: Greetings from Randolph Field, Kelly Field and Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas.
  Curt Teich also published the Bomber in the sunrise sky shown here, as well as these two risque-themed Keep 'em Flying postcards from a series that combines pretty women, airplanes and flirtatious puns.
 A Keep 'em Flying mutoscope arcade card from the period shows a young woman on a blue background, her short skirt flying up in the breeze to reveal the tops of her stockings as she swings...here the link between the girls back home and the war effort is front and center.  

A 1941 copyrighted Tichnor publishers design combines the American Eagle, planes in formation and a bright red V for Victory in our last example -  a great poster-style design in the Keep 'em Flying collection.         
Price Estimates:  Prices are increasing on all colorful, interesting linen postcards and these are no exception.  While it's still possible to find some at a few dollars, it's now more common to pay $5.00 - $12.00 for examples in top quality condition.  So, if you like the Keep 'em Flying designs, buy now.  These prices are for excellent condition postcards, and they are only an estimate.


  1. Great info! I've always liked the "Victory" and "Keep'em Flying" series. I've beed trying to fill out the set (did it with the "V" series! http://postcardsetcetera.blogspot.com/p/victory-series.html)of the "Keep'em Flying" but have had a little trouble figuring out how many were published! - Thanks

  2. Recently discovered there is sterling silver WWII-era jewelry in shape of V, some of which has the morse code in the design, too - another collecting niche!