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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curt Teich Risque Linen Postcards

Curt Teich linens are well known for their bright colors and high-impact designs, especially the Large Letter Greeting postcards and the delightful risque designs of ladies in lingerie with flirtatious and sexy puns in the captions.  

In this post, we look at three styles of risque linen postcards published by Curt Teich.  The first series has rhyming captions and women in brief attire.  We especially like the art deco furniture that provides the props for these lounging lovelies.  Above we see a woman relaxing on an overstuffed art deco blue chair.  Our next entry shows a woman in a very sheer outfit - barely there - on a fine art deco chair in brilliant red.  She's holding a paper fan, and the poetry says I'm revealing to you how hot I can get, It takes more than a fan to cool off - my pet.
The redhead is putting out her cigarette (everybody smoked in those days) in an ashtry on a dramatic chrome art deco table.  Her poem advises: One thing every girl should know is just how far she oughta go. 

This woman putting on her stockings makes it clear that she's no tease.  Her caption reads:  I don't hold out and I don't stall.  Don't take me long at all, at all.  Write me, too!

Another style of Curt Teich risque linens is captioned with short puns - the artwork is quite different with a stylized charm and art deco patterns adding visual appeal.  Again, great bright colors light up these designs.

Our last Curt Teich series features silhouettes of nudes and nearly-nudes.  Suggestive captions or poetry complete the risque style on these eye-catching  designs. 

The poem on this postcard of a lady at her dressing table, watched by her parrot, is Aye! 'tis a sight to feast the eye And I'm not talking back!  'Cause polly wants a cracker But he doesn't want a crack.

This post only focuses on one of the Curt Teich linen specialties.  If you are interested in Curt Teich postcards, you may want to check out the long history of Curt Teich publishing and learn the complex way the company dated their images.  Go to:    http://www.lcfpd.org/docs/teich_guide_dating.pdf for more information.

Price Estimates:  These fun and colorful risque designs have increased in price over the past few years.  They are now available for about $8 - $15.00, although sometimes you will find them priced higher.  If you like them, we suggest you purchase now, as the price does not seem to have reached its top yet.  These estimates are for cards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.


  1. Some of these cards are stunners, especially the black-backgrounds and silhouettes. Interesting post, Toni.

    1. Thanks, Brian - the linen risque postcards can be fabulous (and sometimes funny!) T.