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Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEW YEAR Postcards - Fantasy Floral Objects

Floral object postcards are plentiful and fun to collect. Greetings for birthday, congratulations and good luck are available with floral objects that are simpler in design than those shown here and that may be embossed or flat. Hearts made of flowers were popular, especially on messages of love or Valentines. Christian symbols, crosses and anchors, embellished both Easter and greeting postcards. There are also some vivid floral object greetings, Made in Germany, with embossed birdhouses, ships and automobiles that often have gold added. Although roses, forget-me-nots and violets are the most common flowers used, there are also postcards where the objects are made of shamrocks, holly or pansies.

This post focuses on New Year postcards that are decorated with elaborate floral objects. The postcards have detailed embossing and all the International Art postcards have shining gold added. As with any antique holiday postcard, the richness of the embossing, the addition of gilding and the rarity of the design will affect value. At the top of the post you can see the Victrola (also search for phonograph or gramophone) made of violets and published by EAS; the EAS logo is in the lower left corner. There is no gilding on the phonograph postcard.  The rest of the postcards in this post were all published by International Art Publishing Co., which is printed on the backs.

The violin, piano and trumpet have modest touches of gold.  They all feature a garland of greenery in the upper part of the designs and have a little art deco flair.  We have some of these images in both blue and purple - apparently these New Year designs from International Art were made in both bright blue forget-me-nots and in deep purple violets, although the artwork is identical.  The flowers are only distinguished by their color and not by their shape.  

Some of the International Arts postcard designs have lavish gold added - the organ made of violets with golden pipes, and the designs of bagpipes and a glockenspiel.  These also have floral swags and  ribbons rather than the leafy garlands on the musical instruments above.

 This unusual design, also from International Art publishers, shows a smoking set, complete with cigarette box, cigarette holder to put out on the table for company and a floral matchbox.  Gold hearts and a floral garland inside the box lid might have made this a multi-purpose design, equally ready for a Valentine greeting  at upper left as a Happy New Year one.

The last floral object New Year's design, the champagne bottle, is a good example of a cross-over collectible.  Not only appealing to floral object collectors or New Year fantasy collectors, it is also desirable to those who like to collect champagne bottle images.  It is one of the harder-to-find floral object postcards.

Price Estimates:  As with all antique postcards, the price on these pretty floral object postcards has gone up over the past ten years. Where even high quality postcards like the ones shown used to be available for a dollar or two, these fancy designs are now more likely to cost $10 - $15. Simpler designs can still be had for a few dollars, and you may even find them in the $1 box on a dealer’s table at a postcard show. Also, keep an eye on the lots of greetings listed on eBay auction – if you create a Search within Postcards for Floral Objects, (make sure to click the Titles and Descriptions box for your search) you will be alerted when these become available. Remember that cards are usually less expensive in lots, although most lots have a few cards (if there are just a few, you have done well) that are in less than ideal condition. These are prices for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates of current prices. 

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