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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deltiology for Fun and Profit

Do you have to be born a collector? It's certain that people who don't collect do not understand those of us who do. Developmental psychology says that collecting begins to interest children around ages 7 - 9, which would indicate that there's some genetic basis for amassing articles that have no practical purpose.

When I was that age, I collected rocks (we were poor and rocks are free). In gravel parking lots of the 1950s, I searched for interesting bits of stone. At the beach, I foraged for lumps of sea-glass or unbroken shells. My parents, not collectors, thought I was crazy. By the 1970s I was on my own in California and it was there that I began collecting postcards. It was great fun hunting through antique stores and junk shops, but I still had almost no money. I was being paid so little, I couldn't afford a home phone ("Call me at work - I'm there all day anyway!") so I naturally gravitated toward postcards. There were so many of them, they were so different from one another, and they were only a dime or a quarter. Irresistible!

Now, 35 years later, I have a good-sized postcard collection and years of gathering information about them as well. In this blog, I look forward to sharing some of my collection with you, along with some information that has intrigued me about the postcards and the era in which they were produced. Each post will have a theme and pictures of postcards that illustrate the theme. The next post will feature The Thoroughly Modern Santa at the turn-of-the-century using the exciting new technology that made the period one of the most innovative in our history.

Did you know that postcards are the world's second or third (depending on your reference source) most popular collecting hobby, right after stamps/coins? Postcard aficionados are called deltiologists. Since you may already be a deltiologist, or you may want to become one, I will include price ranges for the cards shown and offer some tips on building a quality collection.

I welcome questions, ideas for themes, and comments of all sorts - you can contact me thru this blog or at circa1910@tampabay.rr.com, and I invite you to check out my eBay auctions and store. You can access my eBay ID 504a and store, Postcardiva, thru eBay, or simply by clicking on postcardiva.com below, which will take you directly to the store Home Page.

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