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Monday, January 16, 2017

WWI Allies Butterfly Women Postcards

There are some beautiful WWI-era designs honoring the Allies - in this post, we look at a series of women as butterflies - on each, the wings have the colors/design of the country's flag.  

Published in France, the postcards have this information printed on the back.  They are all flat postcards with wonderful colors and great fantasy artwork.  

I have included some historical information from Wikipedia at the bottom of this post.

The Allies of World War I were the countries that opposed the Central Powers in the First World War.

The members of the original Entente Alliance of 1907 were the French Republic, the British Empire and the Russian EmpireItaly ended its alliance with the Central Powers, arguing that Germany and Austria-Hungary started the war and that the alliance was only defensive in nature; it entered the war on the side of the Entente in 1915. Japan was another important member. BelgiumSerbiaGreeceMontenegro, and Romania[1] were affiliated members of the Entente.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Colorful Silhouette Postcards

This post looks at a sub-set of silhouette postcards with colors added.  These are all flat divided-back postcards, some with gold added to the design as well as colors.  The first two feature Santa Claus and little Angels delivering gifts at Christmas and the third is a signed Saga Walli image of young children with Christmas candles and treats...even Baby joins in. 

Above,a silhouette of the Holy Family with golden halos creates an elegant Christmas design.

Silhouette postcards are not too difficult to find, but the ones with colors added are less common.  I like the way the colors 'light up' the silhouette designs.  

This New Year postcard of children dressed in their best for the holiday has an elaborate design with added color and a tinted blue sky in the background...a gem!  

A silhouette rabbit wears a purple ribbon on this Easter postcard while a bird sings on the perch above. Detailed yellow flowers and leaves add more color. 

Manni Grozse made numerous fine silhouette postcard designs - the signed image of a dancing couple above has a New Year caption and a subtle patterned wallpaper background.  This design is signed with initials - you may discover Grozse designs signed with his full name, too.  A careful search for silhouette postcards will create a good collection at a reasonable price.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

SANTA CLAUS Mail Theme Postcards

In this post, the focus is on a sub-group of Santa postcards where Santa does the job of delivering gifts dressed as a mailman.  At least, that's what I think...of course, I especially like mail-themed postcards, so whether I'm right or wrong about the mailman images shown here, I collect them anyway.   Above, a horse-drawn coach with driver is loaded down in the background while the old gentleman I identify as Santa Claus carries packages in the foreground...a German Christmas greeting completes the design.  Beautiful artwork from Meissner & Buch on a divided back postcard...postmarked in 1916. 

Another German postcard with an early undivided back is postmarked 1903.  This hardworking fellow in striped pants wears a heavy coat and an Express delivery cap.  He has a hefty Santa shape and no beard but an impressive white mustache.  He carries a little decorated tree and packages. This is an "Erika" postcard with a German Christmas greeting.

Here are two beautifully embossed postcards from the same divided-back series with German captions. The whole series shows an unusual blue/green palette and fine artwork.  Above Santa knocks on the door;  below he enters the house with packages, holly and letters.

When it comes to Santa and mail, he receives as well as delivers.  Here are two embossed Christmas postcards showing children delivering their letters to Santa.

This last postcard has shining gold embellishments...it was published by Tuck, series 8619, and also comes with silver highlights.  Santa wears a blue suit, with the children dressed in fur-trimmed winter outfits.  Love the 'St. Niklas' mailbox!   

Happy Holidays - see you in the New Year!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Raphael Tuck Published SANTA CLAUS Postcards

Tuck published numerous top-quality Christmas series, clearly identified on the back left edge.  This post introduces some Santa Claus images from my favorite Tuck series. 

 The flat Santa Claus postcard shown above is a divided-back image, an Oilette No. C2099, signed by Bowley at the bottom left.  Bowley's artwork includes especially fine faces and lively designs. 

Here is another flat Oilette design in series C219 with a divided back that you can identify from the Happy Christmas border on the bottom edge.

An elegant classic Santa is shown on this flat postcard, Tuck series 1803 with an early undivided back.  It is postmarked 1903 and is signed on the front in the white space provided because only the address was allowed on the back.

One of my all-time favorite Tuck series has a vivid border I call "stained glass".  Here is one of the designs from this beautiful embossed series 512.

Above is a bright flat Oilette design from series 8247.  It is postmarked 1906 with a divided back and is artist-signed at the lower right edge by H. Sandford.  Currently at comparatively low prices, I think Sandford artwork is undervalued.  If you like it, now is a good time to add Sandford designs to your collection. 

Santa Claus has had a collision with a fleeing deer on a witty flat Tuck Oilette postcard from series 8320.  Tiny elves in red are helping him get re-organized. This postcard has a divided back and is postmarked 1906.

Above is an embossed design of Santa filling the stockings of sleeping children.  He wears a fine purple outfit and sports an impressive beard.  This is from series 136, with silver backgrounds.  It is postmarked 1908 with a divided back.

Another divided-back embossed series, No. 505, shows Santa with a pipe, walking through snowy woods with little children watching from the background.  On this postcard, the golden lettering offers a Christmas greeting in German.

Postcards from the same series display especially well together with coordinating artwork.  You can use a multiple-opening frame with our custom-cut mats (available in our eBay store Postcardiva) added to create the perfect fit for antique or vintage postcards.  

Happy Holidays from Florida!

Favorite SANTA CLAUS Postcards

After 30+ years of collecting antique holiday postcards, I have a Christmas group that includes many Santa Claus images.  This year, I'll share some of them in several Santa Claus posts.  This first post includes random designs I especially like...we open with an unusual lively off-center image with Santa on a white horse surrounded by eager dancing children. It's an unused flat early undivided back postcard...the previous owner has written "Belgium" on the back.  Great colors!

One of my favorite sub-groups of Santa Claus postcards shows him in 'modern' vehicles...Here he has traded his sleigh for an elegant golden auto, loaded with toys in the back.  A pair of mischievous Angels are throwing snowballs...Santa wears a fur-trimmed  blue suit with shining gold details.  Rich embossing adds to this Tuck-published postcard, series C304, with a divided back.

As automobiles grew in popularity, Santa appeared more often in his own auto.  Below he is on his way through a snowy forest in a silver vehicle that must have off-road capabilities to handle such rough terrain!  This postcard has many silver details, rich embossing and Santa wearing a dark purple-brown suit embellished with silver highlights.  It's postmarked 1911.

Of course, in antique postcards, Santa used a variety of ways to reach his destination...here are several different images of him traveling on Christmas eve...

Children run to greet Santa as he rides a miniature train...the little railroad cars are all loaded with toys and treats.

A popular Winsch-back design above shows Santa dropping toys down a chimney as he swoops by on his biplane...don't miss the decorated tree by his side.  A charming flat postcard with Santa in a classic red jacket and blue pants, his hat is decorated with holly.  This is a windy scene with snow blowing past Santa's airplane.  Wonderful artwork, postmarked 1924. 

Here's a scarce image of Santa in a boat, navigating a fast-running river with a load of toys.  Detailed embossing and bright silver light up this unusual divided-back design.

Below, Santa drops toys from a fantastical dirigible in a dark, starry sky with a full moon partially hidden behind a cloud...postmarked 1909, this postcard has rich embossing and a divided back.

A flat French Christmas postcard shows a cheerful Santa beneath a shooting star.  He wears a brown robe and carries a staff.  Baby Angels carry toys and sweets...they are especially delightful, with bright smiles and little white wings.  Fine artwork, published by Meissner & Buch, series 2662.  Postmarked 1930.  

High above a town, Santa uses a telescope from his icy perch on this design with detailed embossing and a divided back.  A light snow is falling in this unusual Christmas image.  

We close this post as it opened, with a scarce European Santa postcard.  Published by M.M. Vienne #281, this sunset design shows Santa with an Angel in the forest choosing a little evergreen tree.  Santa holds an axe, ready to add the tree to his vehicle before he takes off on his night journey.

Sending Happy Holiday wishes from Florida! 


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Novelty CUT STAMPS Postcards

In this post, we take a look at one kind of novelty postcards where the illustration is made of cut stamps glued onto the front...above is a classic Chinese design with a man carrying buckets from a stream.  Cut stamps are combined with drawn elements to complete the picture.  I have also shown the back - a divided back postcard printed Made in China.

A slender lady admires a vase of flowers on this image - note that the image here is made exclusively of cut stamps. The back of this card says it was made in Miami, FL and though it has writing on the back, there is no postmark to date it.

Above is a great elaborate cut stamp image that includes a hot-air balloon, a toy ship and a pail along with the figures.  A divided back postcard, it was made in France, and is postmarked 1913.  In this design, the figures' faces are cut from face stamps.

This unusual devil figure riding a broom has a divided back and, in the stampbox, says Made in Hungary.  Printed on the left edge of the back is the description shown above.  It is unused.

This complex cathedral image has many pieces of cut stamps, hand-drawn details, and wonderful colors.  It is the size of a standard postcard at about 3.5 X 5.5 inches, but has a blank back and no information about where or when it was made. 

A brown rabbit goes shopping with a red umbrella on this unusual cut stamp postcard.  Details are added by hand, including a green and brown base for the image.  On a divided back postcard, there is no indication of date or origin, only the words Post Card.

Cut stamp postcards are available in a variety of designs.  The largest group has designs of classic Chinese scenes, but as this post shows, there are many other themes. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beautiful BIRDS on Antique Postcards

This post focuses on Bird designs, which can be found on all sorts of greetings and holiday postcards - there are many fine Christmas bird postcards for instance, but I'll save those for winter weather.  In this post, we will look at some other bird images, starting with the embossed postcard above.  The beauty of this image is enhanced by a delicate gold pattern in the background that resembles a lacy coral...and the peach-colored roses are gorgeous, too.  This is a simple greeting postcard, so does not cost much but adds a wonderful splash of color to any collection.

Here's another embossed design of a bird carrying a letter in its beak...the bright gold sun rising on the horizon is echoed in gold details highlighting the fancy border and on the bird.

If you like these very Victorian postcards with ladies' hands and flowers, you are in luck as there are many variations of this design.  Also with bright gold and rich embossing, they make a splashy display at a reasonable price. 

A solid golden eagle above brilliant big roses makes an eye-catching image on a Birthday greeting - this embossed design also comes with patriotic greetings.

Here are two tropical birds on flat matte-finish postcards signed by Catherine Klein - brilliant colors and quality artwork make them ideal for framing.  Below is a Klein design of birds flying over water lilies.  They share the sky with a dragonfly. 

Many beautiful postcards without prominent sentiments lend themselves to framing - below is a framed pair that hung on the wall in my office for many years - now it is 'retired' like me...as you can see, the top image in the frame is from the same series as the card that begins this post.   In our eBay store, Postcardiva, you can purchase custom-cut mats that fit antique and vintage postcards.  This allows you to frame an individual postcard in any 5X7 inch frame or adapt multiple-opening frames to fit your postcards perfectly.

 Part of the fun in theme-collecting is displaying your treasures - enjoy!